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He lost his life. He wasn’t a thief, he wasn’t a rapist, not an arms dealer, not a murderer, HE WAS A QUEER MIGRANT. That was enough for him to lose his life. Ashraf was just a mere asylum seeker, trying to get a life after fleeing and escaping homophobia in his home country. On his stay in Nairobi, he suffered several kinds of homophobia and had enough reasons for protection.

Currently, the best that can be done for him by those who were meant to protect his life is to say, “MHSRIP”.
I personally condemn the fact that we are still facing several homophobic injustices in the watch of those mandated to protect. No one of us is meant to lose a life because we chose to seek asylum. NEVER.
We ought to live.

{Ashraf wasn’t registered with UNHCR, it’s just a point of clarity. He was a queer migrant from Uganda}

Published by Kakuma Rainbow Refugee's Trust

we are LGBTIQA+ folks from different African countries escaped death threats, persecutions and now living in kakuma camp Kenya as asylum seekerls, we came while seeking for help and protection but life is still hard and we are calling for support from all corners.

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